Taking Feng Shui Seriously (Canadian Lawyer Magazine)

Want to make more money, improve relations among partners and support staff or simply cut down the stress in you life?  Then maybe you need to stop consulting the management and marketing gurus and start taking the advice of a feng shui expert. More.

Corporate Gurus

A new crop of wellness experts is showing corporations what motivation and performance rewards look like in the New Age. More.

Feng Shui Finds a Fan in the Boardroom (Globe and Mail)

After architect and Feng Shui practitioner Malca Narrol had spent two days “interviewing staff and the building,” as she describes it, they were impressed enough with her comments to go ahead. “We were absolutely astonished by her astute observations…” More.

Speak to Your Architect About Feng Shui

So you are planning a building project and you would like to incorporate feng shui in the design. How do you speak with your architect to allow for creative freedom and still utilize the tenants of feng shui? I am speaking with Malca Narrol, a traditional feng shui practioner, teacher, and graduate architect for some tips. More.