Hello World

Welcome to my new web site and blog.

I look forward to sharing lesser known feng shui concepts, tips and stories, update you about my courses, and introduce you to some of my favorite things, ideas and people.

I graduated as an architect in 1985. While in Architecture school I was introduced to Chinese Medicine and found my two great passions were very far apart until I was introduced to feng shui in 1988. I immediately knew it was for me, have had the privilege of receiving knowledge from 6 Chinese Masters, and have had the pleasure of helping people, companies and communities for over 23 years. In addition to my local work around Toronto and the rest of Canada I am also a member of an international team offering traditional feng shui master planning, design and guidance for large property development projects worldwide.

I enjoy bringing positive changes to people’s lives,through building projects of all types, both by improving existing environments and by being involved in the planning and design of new ones, through the majesty and wonder of true traditional feng shui.