Create the Environment that Creates You

I was explaining to someone what I do and this line came to me: Create the Environment that Creates You.

We understand that “You are what you eat”.  Feng Shui is based on the understanding that you also are your environment. Our food creates us from the inside out. Our environment creates us from the outside in. After you stay in an environment for a period of time you adopt its qualities for better and for worse.

When I work with clients I assess where they are in their personal and professional lives right now. Their environment tells the same story. After an assessment of what they want to become, create and achieve, I provide Feng Shui recommendations for how they can create an environment that creates them, and supports the creation of their desired results.

Feng Shui involves both space (environments) and timing. By creating an environment around you that is compatible with your birth date, tailored to enhance your current energy, aligned with your goals and able to take advantage of the opportunities of the current time, we are creating an environment that creates you, and the new experiences and results you want to create.

For example, a CEO was facing out the window instead of in to his company and was not on top of what was going on.  His offices were overly open, preventing energy from gathering and staying, making it harder for him to hold on to employees and money. Easy to improve by changing his desk position, and creating more enclosure in the right ways.

A realtor had surprisingly drab, dull and overly quiet signs that were very hard to read. Specific recommendations for the redesign of his branding, plus strategic planning on how to use directions, locations and timing in his meeting environments tripled his income in the first year.

A newly married couple were struggling with finances and careers though both are talented professionals. They were also arguing and their house didn’t feel like a home. This property actually had a great deal of potential for success, yet they were not using the opportunities in their environment at all. Shifting them to different rooms for home offices and master bedroom, positioning them in the high energy spots of these rooms, trimming overgrown shrubbery that was blocking the beneficial energy, and aligning the colours and materials with what they each needed constitutionally, shifted their results, with a new job and career for him, and a new more fulfilling direction for her. The arguments dramatically decreased, the house finally became a home, and the rooms that had been the least pleasing before became their favorites to be in.

A family was constantly suffering from colds and allergies that would not go away. From a Feng Shui perspective it was the stove location that was implicated. The placement of the right remedy resolved this issue immediately and completely.

Your environments create you. They can both hurt and heal. Feng Shui creates the environment that creates you, the way you want to become, and supports what you want to create.

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