The first time I met Malca, I made changes to my office that contributed to successful results in business. Through Feng Shui, Malca has helped us resolve a lot of architectural problems in the ROOTS retail stores, which definitely contributes to their success. I really believe in Feng Shui. I thoroughly enjoy the spaces I work in, live in and play in, more than ever. Feng Shui definitely makes a difference – it has real relevance in today’s world.

Michael Budman, Co-Founder, ROOTS, Canada


Bachelor of Architecture

Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Malca Narrol is a professional Feng Shui consultant with over 20 years of experience. In addition to extensive traditional Feng Shui training, Malca received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto.

Ms. Narrol has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Report on Business, The Toronto Star, CBC News, CTV News, Newsworld, and Venture.

She has provided trainings for the Association of Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), The International Interior Design Exposition (IIDEX) and The Government of Ontario among others.

Traditionally trained over many years, Malca has studied extensively with six Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Masters. She has been closely affiliated with a leading International Feng Shui Master since 2002.

Ms. Narrol is a member of an international team of expert Feng Shui consultants advising on all types and sizes of building and design projects world wide.

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