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Create the Environment that Creates You

I was explaining to someone what I do and this line came to me: Create the Environment that Creates You. We understand that “You are what you eat”.  Feng Shui is based on the understanding that you also are your environment. Our food creates us from the inside out. Our environment creates us from the outside in. After you stay in an environment for a period of time you adopt its qualities for better and for worse. When I work with clients I assess where they are in their personal and professional lives right now. Their environment tells the same story. After an assessment of what they...

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Feng Shui, Urban Planning and Architecture in Singapore and Hong Kong

I recently returned from a trip to Singapore and Hong Kong, two countries where feng shui is used everywhere at every scale. Singapore has used feng shui for many of its urban planning decisions for decades, using water, buildings, roads and civic structures to allow it to receive and hold the best energy it can, and to make the most of it’s energy over changing times. In the process it has transformed itself from a tiny, dry land into one of the most successful countries in the world despite its’ small size of 700 square kilometers. This is quite an accomplishment. Wikipedia lists it as...

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